Mike Mangini, drummer for Dream Theater, has been using Tempo Advance for years as his metronome app of choice. We are proud to now have him as part of our team. Learn more about Mike at his official website and at his Rhythm Knowledge site.
Polyrhythms are new with Version 2. The inner ring that represents subdivisions in the original Subdivide mode switches effortlessly to become a second channel that plays concurrently with the first, synced on the bar. Use different sounds and pan the channels left and right for maximum separation. See this video to learn more.
Tempo Advance works on all iOS devices running OS 6 and above, in all orientations.
Automate tempo changes and track playback progress. Create multi-meter songs with sound changes effortlessly. See this video for how it's done.
Take control with Bluetooth foot pedals or any other external input device that emulates keypresses. Map up to 6 actions to up to 4 pedals. We recommend the industry leading AirTurn.
Mix and match colors with the Theme Editor. Switch between flat and skeuomorphic style. You can create any number of your own custom themes and even share them with friends via email.
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